Activate theme

After you have purchased your Leadership theme on the NationBuilder theme store you can activate it on your site. You’ll need to either add it to an existing or new site.

Note: Theme bought from the NationBuilder marketplace should be delivered to you within 1 working day of your purchase. If the theme is not yet delivered to you, please wait for 1 working day, or contact the NationBuilder team.

  1. Find your site in the NationBuilder backend.

    Find your site
    and click on “Theme” -> “Switch to a custom theme” -> “Switch to” button.
    Select theme -> Switch to a custom theme -> Switch to
  2. Finally, select whichever color style best suits your campaign.
    Select color style

If in case the given variant color style selection is not working with your website or you want to create a different color style other than what is available, please follow manual steps explained below:

  1. Go to Theme -> Files and search for _site_theme_color.scss file.
  2. You will find the code as per below
    --demo-primary:#10358d;       /* Main theme color */   
    --demo-secondary:#ff3f20;     /* Button color */   
    --demo-tertiary:#0f1a1f;      /* Text color */   
    --overlydemo-primary:rgba(0,51,153,0.8);   /* Overly Main theme color 0.8 */ 
  3. In above code just edit the color as you want.