Create Checkout page

The checkout page is actually a donation page of NationBuilder. To create the donation page, please follow NationBuilder’s documentation.


  1. You must have configured the payment processor to allow this donate page to process the payment.
  2. We recommend keeping the status of this page as “unlisted”. The purpose of this page is to act as a landing page after an item is selected. As such the default donation amounts do not need to be preset as they will be preloaded from the tickets on the product page

Here we will explain how you can make this page different than your usual donation page.

Create checkout page
Create checkout page

Please name your donation page “Checkout” and add the tag “Sfac Checkout” to your donation page.

After the payment process is done, we should redirect the user to thank you page. To redirect to thank you page, please go to this page’s Donation settings -> Advanced. There you will find the “After donating, what page should they land on next?” input box inside the One time Donations section. Add thank you page’s slug there.

To create thank you page, follow the steps explained here.