Edit products

We have utilized the calendar/event feature of NationBuilder to create the eCommerce flow. So when we say product it actually means an event in NationBuilder.

You can find all the demo products we have created from Shop -> Events & Subpages. You edit an existing product to save time.

Check out the below snap of how the edited product would look like.

Event basic details

Category: You can see the tag given to this product. This tag is linking this product to a respected category. You can remove or add a new tag.

When: Though it is not part of the eCommerce flow, still we need to select the date as we are creating an event. It won’t be visible on the front.
NOTE: Make sure to select this as later as possible. i.e: 2050

Sell tickets: This must be checked as we are utilizing the paid tickets flow to buy products.

Redirection: We have selected the “checkout” page as the redirection page here. The checkout page is actually a Donation page created in NationBuilder. Click here to get more information about the checkout page.

Click on the Save Settings button.

If you want to delete the event, you can do it easily from the list of events by clicking on the arrow at the end and selecting the delete option. Check the snap below

Delete an event

Product attributes and price work

To define the variant(attributes) and price of the product, we are using ticket creation for the event.

Select any product which has multiple variants ( i.e: Men’s T-Shirt ), To to Event settings > Tickets. There you will find various tickets configured as below.

Tickets used as product variants

To edit any variant, click on it and you will have a form like below.

Add tickets
Event Settings-> Tickets

Name: This is the name of your actual product + Variant name. i.e: If your product name is “Kid’s T-Shirt” and it has a different color then give the name like “Kid’s T-Shirt Blue” or “Kid’s T-Shirt Red” etc. If you don’t have a variant then keep the actual product name as it is.

Description: The text you insert into the description box will be visible in the attribute section of the product detail page. Check the snap below:

Description text as product attributes

Ticket price: This is the Product price for this specific variant.

Ticket Level limit: Consider this as your product quantity and how many quantities you have for your product. Add the total product quantity here.

Number of tickets this purchases: Keep it 1 only.

Click the Save button.

If you want to delete any ticket, you can simply delete it by hovering the dropdown as per the snap below:

Delete ticket
Delete ticket

Product Long Description: This is the long description of the product you see on the product detail page. To edit it, please go to the specific product (Event) and click on the Event settings tab -> Intro. Edit the description text in this editor.
Click the Save intro text button at the bottom of the page before continuing. If you make changes without saving them, they will be lost. Check the snap below:

Long description
Edit Long description

Short Description: Short description is what you see below the title on the product detail page. To edit it go to the specific product then go to Settings -> Social Media. There you will find the Excerpts input box. Edit the short description there. Check the snap below:

Add short description
Edit short description

Product Images

Featured product image: This is the primary image of the product that is visible on the listing page. To change this image go to Settings -> Social Media of the specific event. There you will find the “Thumbnail image for Facebook, etc.” option. Change your image there. The proposed dimensions for the featured image is 1080px X 720px.

Add featured image
Edit featured image

Other gallery images: These are the gallery images visible on the product detail page only. To change these images, go to “Files” tab of the specific event. Upload as many images as you want, all of them will be loaded on the product gallery. The proposed dimensions for the gallery images is 1080px X 720px.

Add gallery images
Edit gallery images

You can delete the gallery images from the files tabs by clicking on the arrow at the end of that image and select delete option as per snap below

Delete Gallery image