Create new site

NationBuilder offers multiple websites based on the membership you have selected. We strongly recommend creating a brand new website unless you have already started adding content to an unpublished site.

  • Login to your nation with your admin email and password.
  • Go to Website Tab in the main menu of your nation and select on + New site
    Add new site
  • Fill in the required fields and choose the Basic type of site:
    Fill the site details

Here you get 2 options

  1. Start from a default site: This option is good if you want to create all pages step by step by following our documentation. Follow the steps explained here.
  2. Clone from a shared site: This option is good if you want to go live early by copying our demo website, editing details, and quickly going live.
    When you select this option, you will get a dropdown to choose the website you would like to clone as per nap below:

    It may take a while to clone the entire website.
    Further, follow the steps explained here to edit the cloned website.

    NOTE : When you purchase a theme from NationBuilder theme store, you will have a demo site shared with your nation to create a clone from it. If you don’t see the demo site in the “Share site” dropdown, please contact NationBuilder team.

Note: If you don’t have an account you can create a free trial at NationBuilder here>>.